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10" Cast Iron Self-Cleaning Automatic Strainers
10" Cast Iron Self-Cleaning Automatic Strainers

Download a dimensional drawing and Auto Cad Files for Model 596

36" fabricated carbon steel self-cleaning strainer

36" fabricated carbon steel self-cleaning strainer

Download a dimensional drawing and Auto Cad Files for Model 2596

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Models 596 and 2596 Self-Cleaning Automatic Strainers

Fabricated Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Copper-Nickel or Monel 10" to 60" Sizes Cast Iron, Bronze, Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel 2" to 20" Sizes 

The Hayward automatic self-cleaning strainer is a motorized unit designed for the continuous removal of entrained solids from liquids in pipeline systems.

They have successfully performed in industrial, process, water and wastewater, power, paper and municipal applications for over 30 years.

With an automatic control system monitoring the strainer operation, cleaning is accomplished by an integral backwash system. A small portion of the screen element is isolated and cleaned by reverse flow. The remaining screen area continues to strain providing uninterrupted flow. With this efficient design, only a small amount of the liquid being strained is used to carry away the debris from the strainer.

The Models 596 and 2596 are available in sizes 2" through 24" in cast construction and 2" through 60" in fabricated construction. Design and construction are in general accordance with ANSI and ASME Sec. VIII, Div. 1. A wide range of screen designs is offered through 1/2-inch openings.


Hayward's automatic self-cleaning strainers are commonly used on water service where the disposal of debris and backwash water is not a problem. Continuous flow is assured and protection is provided for nozzles, pumps, valves, heat exchangers and process equipment.

These units can also successfully handle other fluids such as white water, black liquor, starch, fuel and lubricating oil, caustic solutions and cooking oils. A determining factor in these cases is the recycling of the backwash fluid. Automatic self-cleaning strainers will significantly reduce maintenance costs and provide uninterrupted flow. They are a particularly worthwhile investment where the solids loading is high or upset conditions occur. Frequently, cleaning and servicing of manual strainers is costly, and if not properly attended, serious disruptions to the entire piping system can occur. Also, they are an ideal solution for maintenance problems where the strainer is in an inaccessible location.


Typical Applications
Automatic self-cleaning strainers are used in nearly every industry to strain fresh, brackish, or salt intake water for plant services; cooling, process, fire protection, etc.
  • Process Industry Protect heat exchangers, pumps, valves and water spray nozzles.
  • Power Industry Protect heat exchangers, pump seal water, traveling screen wash water.
  • Pulp & Paper Removing fibers from white water filtrate preventing clogging of nozzles. Separate bark and chips for recycling.
  • Sewage/Waste and Water Straining secondary effluent thereby protecting spray nozzles while also providing clean plant service water.
  • Primary Metal Industry Provide clean water for quenching, descaling, blast furnace cooling.
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